Ooyala offers a modular, full-featured video solution used by some of the largest companies in the world. Our suite of technologies and services will earn you more money, put your content on more screens at higher quality, give you incredibly detailed viewer analytics, and easily integrate into your existing workflows.

What's New

Release Notes

We have added new content in the form of FAQs.

We have redesigned our navigation to help you more readily find the information you need.

Get Started

Backlot Getting Started

Walk through our getting started guide to learn how to work with the Ooyala player using Backlot.


Theme Builder

Use Theme Builder to build playlists, create an embed containing your playlists, and customize a player experience with our pre-constructed templates.


Learn how to use and customize Hook to play great video content on your Android phone or tablet.


Backlot APIs

Use our REST-based Backlot Server-Side APIs to code and customize your player UI.

Use our JavaScript Player APIs to customize your player functionality and design.

Watch It

Ooyala Training Videos

If you’re looking for primers on using Ooyala’s technologies, we have a number of video tutorials with online video publishing tips, tricks and how-tos.

Mobile SDKs

Use our iOS and Android mobile app SDKs to create and customize players for your mobile devices.

Download PDF Ooyala User Documentation