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Current Technical Support Plans

Your success is our top priority. We’re a trusted partner to some of the world’s biggest companies precisely because we deliver world-class support. Our expert global technical support team stands ready to address any issues you experience.

Gold level support is the best match for the needs of our enterprise and service provider customers, but we do offer a Bronze level as well.

Support Features Bronze
Online Support Ticket System
Multi-Stage Escalation
Support Site & Community Forum
Telephone Support24/7
Priority Response Times16 hrs < 3 hrs
Maximum Support Seats15
Customer Success Eligibility
Technical Account Management Eligibility
Emergency Software Releases
Live Event Support Eligibility
3rd Party Integration & Support

Below are Ooyala guidelines for the Severities the customer should assign to any technical issue raised to Ooyala Technical Support.

Severity Definition Examples Initial Response
  • High business impact or system unavailability
  • Production critical features affecting all users - all users unable to perform normal functions
  • Data integrity issues
  • Consistent and reproducible crash
  • Ooyala server crash
  • Unable to publish videos
  • Unable to play several VOD videos resulting in loss of profit
  • Inability to access a platform (Backlot, Pulse, etc)
  • Ooyala API is unresponsive or returns no information
  • No ad response from Pulse, unable to serve ads or ad content blocked
  • Medium business impact - may affect billing or productivity
  • One or more main features do not work - persistent issues affecting multiple users
  • Significant performance degradation
  • Inconvenient workaround or no workaround exists
  • Immediately noticeable performance or quality issue, but still usable
  • IQ, Insight Reporting or Forecasting unavailable
  • Ooyala APIs intermittently failing, no impact to user experience
  • Bug in a plugin or SDKs causing disturbances to ad delivery or user experience
  • System performance issues or a bug affecting some but not all users
  • Frequently used feature does not work intermittently
  • Convenient workaround exists
  • Minor performance degradation or not impacting production
  • Unable to publish a specific video
  • Intermittent player performance or quality issue for several videos
  • Specific API call is not returning the desired results
  • Problems with specific 3rd party ads or video creatives
  • Bug in plugin or SDK's causing minor disturbance to user experience
  • Infrequently used feature that intermittently fails
  • Any significant improvement from baseline in performance and quality
  • Inquiries about routine technical issues (how-to questions)
  • Questions about our products and feature requests
  • Information requests on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration
  • Account configurations or login requests