Differences Between Player V2 and Player V3

The Ooyala player provides support for Flash playback with HTML5 fallback for a number
of platforms.

The following list describes the differences between Player V2 and the current Player V3:

  • JavaScript and Flash ActionScript APIs are unified and are now available only from

  • APIs and events are no longer tied to DOM objects. All interaction is done entirely in

  • ActionScript APIs are no longer directly supported. If you want to embed the player within a
    Flash app please continue to use prior player versions. They continue to work but you still interact with
    the embedded player through JavaScript.

  • Some query parameters are supported in the current Ooyala Player. However, all player configuration is now done
    through the JavaScript APIs.

  • Currently, the HTML5 player does not provide support for YouTube videos. You can continue to play YouTube videos on Flash players.